Danzan Ryu jujitsu, also known as Hawaiian jujitsu, is a martial arts system developed in the early 1920s by Professor Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki. As a young man in Hawaii, Professor Okazaki was diagnosed with tuberculosis that was considered incurable. He put his health in the hands of his sensei and committed wholeheartedly to his martial arts training, ultimately recovering his health and continuing his pursuit of training others in martial arts for the rest of his life. His teachings became what is now known as Danzan Ryu.

This system combines Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino martial arts philosophies, emphasizing the importance of technique, precision, and skill over size, strength, and speed. Those who practice this art are encouraged to utilize its principles in their everyday life, elevating their physical, mental, and emotional selves on a continuous journey of self-improvement.

During classes, we teach our students both basic and advanced martial arts techniques. You will learn essential skills such as how to safely roll and and fall (Sutemi), how to use joint manipulation to escape from someone’s grab (Yawara), how to perform throws and sweeps (Nage), grappling techniques and groundwork (Shime), how to counter and transition (Oku), and the healing arts (Seifukujitsu). Combining these martial arts philosophies in a cohesive manner is part of what separates our school apart from many other disciplines.