MUNIO Designer Key Chain Self Defense Workshop,

Come Learn how to keep yourself Safe with the MUNIO key Chain.

A MUNIO Self Defense Workshop™ is a great way to be safer and better prepared if you are confronted with the epidemic of violence and sexual assault that threatens us all.

According to national research, forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy to prevent rape. In fact, a woman who fights back aggressively gains an 86% chance of avoiding the rape and incurs little chance of additional injury!

This dynamic and informative 1-hour sessions are a safe,
fun and exciting experience! Our workshops combine self defense education with hands-on practice using the MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain in realistic attack scenarios.

MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are simple and unique, and will not overwhelm you with technical and physical complexity you may not remember. Building on your natural ability to use MUNIO, you will practice easy methods that can rapidly disable an attacker so you can escape unharmed!

This Workshop is taught by MUNIO certified Instructor Sensei Rocky Whatule.

RSVP Today Space is Limited 661 412 3656 or Email

Seminar Cost  - $35

Price includes the MUNIO of your choice for first time participants!
Choose from 16 popular designs!